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What You Need to Know about Butterfly Koi Fish

For many years, people have been keeping different animal species as pets. The popular ones are cats and dogs. However, there are ornamental fish that make great pets as well. A good example is the butterfly koi fish. These fish have brightly patterned scales with long and flowing fins. They are either yellow, orange, white or the three colors combined. Although they appear similar to goldfish, they are a hybrid or carp and the traditional koi.

If you are thinking about keeping butterfly koi, you will readily find the butterfly koi fish for sale. However, it is important that you get all the facts about butterfly koi. First, they grow very long and can reach 36 inches. Therefore, they need large ponds. You will also need to maintain the required pH levels in the pond and water temperature will also need to be checked.

Pond maintenance is essential for butterfly koi. Too many fish types and aquatic vegetation is usually stressful for them. Therefore, you need to keep the pond aerated and clean. The pond should maintain a steady pH balance of about 6.8 to around 7.2. A balanced pond keeps away algae growth more so when there are aquatic plants. Usually, algae develop when there is too much light in the pond.

On the other hand, the butterfly koi care is essential. The water in the pond needs to be well-aerated. You can tell that water is lacking oxygen if fish swim near the waterfalls, fountains, or the surface. You can clean the pump to ensure that water is still circulating. Also, reducing vegetation in your pond will help in rejuvenating the water.

You will also need to feed your butterfly koi. You can feed them twice a day during hot weather but you should ensure they are not overfed. Therefore, you need to monitor closely the eating habit. To ensure the water pH remains unaffected, you need to remove excess food. Again, you can protect your butterfly koi from predator birds by placing a net over your pond.

It is also essential that you avoid handling the fish by hand to avoid damaging their scales and fins. However, keeping ornamental fish will come with some benefits as well. One of the benefit is the aesthetic appeal they bring. Adding butterfly koi in your pond will add aesthetic to your property. This is because their colors make them beautiful which will add style and elegance to your property. For more information, click on this link:

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